Ensuring that your factory IT estate is fit-for-purpose and running efficiently is BVS’ business.

We are experts in providing a range of services that builds confidence that your operations run effectively and should something go wrong, that it can be fixed swiftly.

VMWARE applications BVS
VMWARE applications BVS


BVS offers experienced deployment and support for VMware applications, including vSphere and vMotion, within large manufacturing facilities. We ensure that VMware infrastructure is configured and optimised specifically to your requirements.

BVS factory energy monitoring
BVS factory energy monitoring


Factory-wide energy monitoring enables you to understand energy usage and take informed decisions to reduce wastage.

With a data-informed approach, manufacturing facilities can work to become more environmentally aware and reduce production costs.

Utilising both historical data collected and real-time usage, from a variety of sources, data can be used to create reports for a certain time period or on an event-driven basis.

BVS System troubleshooting
BVS System troubleshooting


Factory IT issues can stop operations, causing frustration and costly delays. It is critical that any IT issues are resolved swiftly, with minimal disruption to production.

BVS understand the difficulties and complexities in the industrial and manufacturing environment. Issues are not always black and white, so a knowledge of a wide range of technologies helps us to find the problem as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting for both application-level and infrastructure-level means we have the expertise to assist getting you back up and running fast.

Troubleshooting skills

  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Rockwell Automation Products
  • GE Fanuc products
  • VMware
  • Microsoft products
  • OSISoft PI
  • Database
  • HMIs
  • Terminal services
  • ERP systems
  • MES systems
BVS system documentation
BVS system documentation


Often factories IT system documentation is not 100% accurate, as the infrastructure and systems have evolved over time. Worse still, sometimes the documentation is non-existent!

BVS can fully document your complete manufacturing IT, delivering documentation in a variety of formats to suit your requirements. In addition, we can provide a framework to store and display this information aligned to your working practices.


  • Network architecture
  • Network switch configuration
  • Microsoft Active Directory architecture
  • Server hardware
  • HMI hardware and configuration
  • Workstation hardware
  • Application
  • Business systems mapping
  • Licensing
  • Full asset inventory
BVS IT disaster recovery strategies
BVS IT disaster recovery strategies


Being hit by an IT failure or a cyber-attack can cause extensive business disruption, but should the worst case happen, ensuring that you have the right plan in place is essential to recovery.

Most businesses have backups of systems in place, should a hardware failure, software corruption or virus attack hit your IT systems. But if these backups are not supported by a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy, then these too can result in lengthy recovery or sometimes complete loss.

BVS ensures that you have a robust disaster recovery procedure in place to minimise your business risk in the event that your IT suffers failure or attack.